America Recycles Day

Written by Cricket

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Oh my! I just realized that it’s #AmericaRecyclesDay today. Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing is my way of life, so I HAD to make a quick post. I just ran around my house and yard and took a few photos of the things I have Recycled or Repurposed. Some of them have blog posts you can check out, but some are just pics. When you are finished looking, post some of your recycled treasures in the comments section. I’m always up for new ideas!


#1 Playset to Chicken Coop

This used to be our kid’s playhouse and swingset years ago. Here is how we did it.


#2 Chicken Tractor and Chick Coop/Table

We just wrapped a straight-legged table with leftover wire from the coop. It’s perfect for letting chicks run around in.


#3 Scaffolding Boards into Wicking Bed

I love these boards because they are super long (16ft originally) and they are very strong. I found them on Craigslist for free.

#4 Scaffolding Boards into 12 ft Table. (4 ft were cut off)

We bought some table legs from Home Depot and built a frame to fit the table. You could also pick up an old table with legs you like and use those.

#5 Neighbor’s Patio into My Retaining Wall

When I spied workers at my neighbor’s house loading chunks of concrete into a dump truck headed for the landfill, I quickly stopped them and asked if they would dump it in my drive way down the street. I got some funny looks, but they did it.


#6 Recycled City Garbage Bins and Compost

I kill two birds with one stone here. The bins are old garbage bins that the city drills holes in, chops off the bottom, and offers to the public for $5. And then, of course, compost is the ultimate compost. Oh! and I just realized, the wood chips are also recycled! Delivered for free from a local tree service. YES!

#7 Tree Stump Turned Table

When some of our trees fell down I had the tree trimmers leave us the chipped wood as well as the stumps. I have one on each side of my arch.

#8 Bulk Trash Drawers to Garden Shelves.

I just love how rustic they look.

#9 Blue Food Grade Barrel into Beautiful Rain Barrel

I bought three of these for $3 at a garage sale. I then got some terra cotta spray paint and some white house paint I had lying around, and made them pretty.


#10 Big Black Nursery Pots into Pretty Planters

I used the same painting technique on these as I did the rain barrels. Of course you could paint them any color you like, and repaint them over and over again. My local nursery gave them to me for free when I asked.


#11 Recycled Coffee Grounds for Compost

One of our local coffee Roasters, #PressCoffee, offers these for free when you call ahead. My compost has never been better!!


#12 Recycled Wine and Beer Bottles for Bottling My Own Wine and Beer

I have my friends and neighbors saving every wine and beer bottle they have. Each 5 gallon carboy fills about 23 wine bottles and 54 beer bottles.


#13 Thrift Store Shopping

All my clothes and shoes come from thrift stores (well almost all). This is a great way to recycle and save money.


#14 Dictionary Paper Wreath

This is one of my favorite ways to make repurposed crafts. Dictionary paper is not precious to me, so I’m okay with it.


#15 More Dictionary Paper Crafts

What can I say, I love it!


#16 Leftover Wood Scraps into Cute Garden Signs

With all the projects we have going on, I always have wood scraps. This is great because there is no size limitations. Use whatever you have.

Well, that is my little shout-out to America Recycles Day. What have you recycled lately?

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