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Compost Made in 24 Hours!

Compost in 24 hours… Seriously!   The first time I met Jessica Marquardt was when she was an intern in the Master Gardener class I was mentoring. It was funny because I happened to be managing a hands-on station all...

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Harvest Recipes

Spicy Armenian Cucumber Salad

Anyone who gardens in the summer in Phoenix knows that regular cucumbers fry in our triple digit temperatures. But Armenian Cucumbers, which by the way are actually melons, thrive. Plant them in the late spring or early summer...

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Choosing Your First Beekeeping Suit

Choosing a beekeeping suit is something that can be a bit of a mystery when just starting out as a beekeeper. I know that I had no idea what to look for, and so just looked for something cheap. Well, that’s what I got, and...

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Beekeeping Grow Posts

30+ Plants for Arizona Bees

Here are 30+ plants for Arizona bees that you can pick up at the nursery now to provide nectar and pollen all summer long. I just got back from visiting one of my favorite nurseries in the valley, Summerwinds Nursery. There have...

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