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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Written by Cricket

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Ok, I’m not a father, but if I was, this is what I would want for Father’s Day (I’d also want it for Mother’s Day, my birthday, 4th of July, and Christmas). With all of the trinkets and things we buy our dads and husbands because we can’t think of anything to get them, why not surprise them with something they can really dig into and spend a lifetime perfecting—especially something they can be proud to share with their friends and family. What I’m suggesting here is a super cool new hobby…




There is wine-making for gardener dads




Mead-making for history-buff dads




And beer-making for the dad who likes to kick back and have a nice craft beer with his friends



HINT: This makes future Father’s Days, Christmases, and birthdays a snap to buy for because these dads will always be grateful for bottles, corks, books, magazine subscriptions, ingredients, and all the cool extras that are offered.



Where to get this amazing gift?


Home Brew stores are not located everywhere, but thankfully their products are available online. With that said, there is no substitute for walking into a store (regularly in my case) and talking with the staff. They can answer all your questions and point out things you never thought of. When I found our local Brew Your Own Brew store here in Scottsdale, I was so excited that I asked them if I could take pictures and put them on my blog so that I could encourage others to take a step inside and not feel intimidated to begin brewing and wine-making. Actually, even those who ferment foods and cheese would find some useful tools there.



Take a walk inside BYOB and you’ll find…




Shelves of wine-, beer-, and mead-making kits





Walls and racks of ingredients





Even a mill for grains!





There are shelves and shelves of equipment  





Refrigerated yeasts, malts and cultures





Plus a knowledgable staff to answer all your questions



What to actually give Dad?

A simple equipment and ingredient kit would be a great gift, but for less money you could get your dad or husband started with just a bucket, an airlock, and some yeast if they want to make wine or mead. A good book or website references would also be helpful. Have them stop by my blog for step-by-step instructions for beer or wine. I recommend Stormthecastle for everything they would need to know for mead.


Lastly (and I know this didn’t even cross your mind), it is highly plausible that you may even become a recipient of some amazing wine, beer, or lovingly-crafted mead. Not sure if that’s a “pay it forward” situation but it’s definitely a Win-Win Father’s Day gift!

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I truly enjoy sharing the skills that promote a meaningful and practical connection to our gardens and environment. Because so many residents of the metro phoenix area are transplants, I find that the area’s unique desert climate is often misunderstood and underestimated in terms of what is possible. That’s where the fun begins. Arizona is a burgeoning permaculture haven with homesteading written all over it, and there is nothing I enjoy more than encouraging others to jump in and give it a try.