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How to Make Budget and Earth Friendly Valentine’s Decor

Written by Cricket

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Valentine’s Decor is my all-time favorite! I love pink, red, hearts, glitter, chocolate, and all the romantic ideals surrounding it. From Victorian to Modern, Rustic to Minimalist, I love it all! The funny thing about holidays is that I enjoy decorating for them way more than I like the actual event. I bet some of you can relate. It’s just so much fun that we want to make the festive atmosphere last and last. Over the las several years, I have come up with my own standards and ideas for decorating. I actually have requirements and a formula. Maybe I’ll inspire you to come up with your own or even borrow mine. This applies not only to Valentine’s Day, but to all the Holidays.

Holiday Decorating Requirements

  1. Of course they must be Beautiful.
  2. They have to be Easy on the Environment.
  3. All my decor has to be inexpensive.

Holiday Decorating Formula

  1. Dictionary paper or pattern paper is the base for almost everything (colors are neutral black and off white) See my Zero Waste Halloween Decorations Here.
  2. I add a main color like pink and red for Valentine’s Day or Green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.
  3. Gold and silver glitter are the accents.
  4. Finally I bring in some other pops of color with edibles like candy and baked goods. Yes, these are decorations too!

These Valentine’s Decorations meet all that and more.

My home is an eclectic mix of Modern Farmhouse, Bohemian, and Cottage Core. I like simple lines of black and white with a sparkle of elegant gold and silver to catch your eye and then finally some jolts of tribal color or sweet pastels. Writing that out just now made me laugh because it makes no sense. I love it though, and it works for me.

For these Valentine’s Day Decorations, I used pages from a beautiful old dictionary, strips of “ribbon” made from pink cotton sheets purchased at Goodwill. Some scissors and a hole punch are really all you need to make it happen.

First, cut lots and lots of hearts out of the dictionary paper. Fat hearts, skinny hearts, tiny hearts and Big hearts.

Second, cut strips of various sizes from your sheet. You can use these for banners and embellishing all sorts of things. To do this, make a small cut in one end of the sheet so that you are left with the size of ribbon that you want. Then simply tear it till you get to the end. You’ll find that one direction tears more easily than the other depending on how the fabric was woven. I’m sure a weaver could tell you how and why, but I can’t.

You can make so many ribbons with all the beautiful sheets out there. Patterns are nice too. The frayed edges have that Romantic Cottage Core feel that I love.

I use the ribbons to tie the little hearts everywhere! I also love to make banners to hang. My next project will be a heart wreath with a big pretty bow. I’ll add that when I’m done. I hope you find lots of fun ways to use your dictionary paper and ribbons to show your Valentine’s spirit!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I hope yours is as budget and earth friendly as mine is. We can totally do this without breaking the bank or building the landfill.

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I truly enjoy sharing the skills that promote a meaningful and practical connection to our gardens and environment. Because so many residents of the metro phoenix area are transplants, I find that the area’s unique desert climate is often misunderstood and underestimated in terms of what is possible. That’s where the fun begins. Arizona is a burgeoning permaculture haven with homesteading written all over it, and there is nothing I enjoy more than encouraging others to jump in and give it a try.