Join the conversation! If you have questions or answers to share, please offer them in one of the following forums. Together we can figure things out and inspire new ideas.

Please follow these simple rules when communicating with one another, knowing that we are all gaining from the conversation:

  1. Be kind
  2. Be relevant
  3. Be yourself

Beekeeping Forum

The purpose of this forum is to create a place for local beekeepers to communicate, network, and learn from each other. Please, BEE kind and courteous, making sure to keep all readers in mind when responding. Let’s not become “Africanized!” TEACH, LEARN, & SHARE


Brewing Forum

Home Brewing is a great way to preserve your harvest. Let’s chat about problems, solutions, and new ideas. Wine, Beer, and Mead are all welcome.


Foraging Forum

The desert offers so much that we can use without having to go to the effort of planting it. Join us to learn when and where to harvest, as well as what to do with your gleanings. Participate in a group-harvest, or find out places you can go on your own.


Gardening Forum

Gardening in Arizona is different from anywhere else in the US. Lots of us come from northern states where the planting calendars and techniques are completely different from here. Let’s help each other learn to grow in the desert.


Preserving Forum

Once you start gardening, the next step is preserving your harvest. Canning, dehydrating, pickling, and fermenting are all ways to do that. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this is the place to share ideas and ask questions.


Sell, Give, Trade

If you have anything to sell, trade, or give away that is relevant to homesteading or beekeeping, you are welcome to place your ad here. All financial transactions will be between the buyer and seller only. You can make arrangements with a private message. Once your item is gone, please make a note of it on the post. If you would like to link to your website, please do so. If you’re looking for something specific, you may place a “Wanted” ad as well.