Chalkboard Garden Signs

Written by Cricket

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Chalkboards in the Garden?

I recently had a visitor to my garden comment that they had never thought to put Bible verses or literary quotations in the garden, much less on chalkboards. They were surprised at how much more meaningful the garden feels with these words dotted throughout, like little calls to meditation. I feel the same way so I thought I would share how I make them.

The great thing is that they cost almost nothing to make!

Just grab some wood scraps from old projects (or from the trash or pallets). These are scraps of wood from some other projects. In fact, the big piece was from the arbor we built–it even has some weather sealer puddled on it. The smaller pieces are from the fence we put up last year. As for the paint, it’s just an interior matte in a shade of charcoal. It was in the Home Depot clearance section. The finish doesn’t matter, only the color.

You can decide on your quotes or verses first, or just paint a bunch of pieces so that they are ready when you are. Leave a blank area on the bottom of the ones you will hammer into the ground.

Once you have the words you want to use, you can sketch it out until it’s the way you like it.

Or you can use to find a font you want to copy. Just type your text in to see what it will look like. Screen shot it or install the font and use it in whatever design software you have.


I use a Bistro chalk marker from Hobby Lobby on the paint and then seal it with acrylic sealer or clear spray paint. That keeps the chalk from running and protects it from the elements.

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